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8/13/13 3:09pm - Original Message: 'intake gaskets'
Standard Member
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1990 convertible corvette,owned 1 year

Joined: 8/9/2012
Posts: 51
What I did find out after pulling the intake again that I have the right gaskets but prolly on the wrong side and the gaskets are what they call metered gaskets meaning that the rear port is almost closed but with a small hole to give a metered amount of coolant but after pulling the intake again I now find out that I might have the wrong intake for the heads that im running which is why the gaskets keep blowing out.The heads (aluminum 113) don't have a center port and the intake does so im researching this just to make sure that all is ok to run like this also with the EGR valve going into the intake there is another possibility that it could be blocked.My biggest hope is that the rings aren't hurt in anyway and that I may have also blown a head gasket in that case after my research and putting the intake back on I will do a compression test to verify a head gasket leak.Your post has been helpful on the gaskets I certainly will have to make a call to fel-pro on this do you remember the number? Thanks again for all the suggestions

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8/14/13 3:58pm - Reply: 'Re: intake gaskets'
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Joined: 4/4/2009
Posts: 254
Aluminum heads do not have center port exhaust passages for EGR.  Aluminum head engines have the external pipe at the rear of the RH exhaust manifold for EGR. Remember, now?

The intake gaskets say "this side up" on them. If you can read this after setting them on the heads, and the ports and bolt holes line up, they were on the correct side of the engine. BTW. Were these fel-pro blues, or the print-o-seals? Actually it doesn't really matter. Either one has pitfalls, IMO. I don't use felpro on any repair I want to last more than a week. Victor Reinz is superior, and is what GM used to build the engine. Well worth the trouble to obtain the V/R's.

You replaced the intake gaskets. Then you tore it apart again. Did you, or did you not, see actual evidence of an intake manifold leak at one of the four corners upon inspection of either set of gaskets?  If you didn't, especially on the second set, then you have a leak other than the intake gaskets. You would have to really f-up in the installation of, or use the wrong gasket (like a Vortec set on a TPI engine) to get that substantial a leak over such a short time of operation. I'm more suspicious that improper diagnostics are in play than intake gasket problems.

You won't be the first (or the last) to have head gasket issues with an aluminum head engine. I've seen or repaired 3 90-94's in the past year with head gasket failures. Especially on an overheating engine. Regardless of which caused which. overheat causing the gasket failure, or the gasket failure causing the overheat. Let me refresh yer memory. this is from a few weeks back:
BillyDee said:    My 1990 runs above 230 at a stop light has went as high as 250 and this concerns me but back on the hihgway its runs at 160 thats a big difference.Im thinking of installing a extra fan but its very tight in the engine compartment,has anyone installed a cooloing fan and if so did it help and where did you put it? Thanks for any info

|UPDATED|8/14/2013 12:58:26 PM (AZT)|/UPDATED|


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3/30/17 9:15pm - Reply: 'Re: intake gaskets'
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1993 coupe 100% original polo green

Joined: 7/26/2015
Posts: 34
Hey there Billy my 93' was running warm also so to pass on what I did ; vacuumed the inner surface of radiator , I bought an18" X 1 1/4" drain extension at lowes , cut the swelled end off the 90' end and put straight end into shop vac hose . Be sure to mark UP ,< and> on all pieces so as to know where it is when vacuuming . You can't see it when in the hole There's a slit in stock radiator cover . Just big enough to slide 1 1/4" drain tube in , be care not to damage fins of rad. Go lightly dropped my temps by almost 20' degrees , C4s are know to act like Vacum cleaners going down the road ; plastic bags , leaves etc. also tape joints in tube extensions so as not to loose them ( in the hole) good luck , it's worth the effort.
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