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5/16/14 10:20am - Reply: 'Re: C4 stories from the road'
Standard Member
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Minneapolis, MN - USA

Purchased a 1986 Convert August 2013, Bright Red color with a black top, it'd already received a Tremec 5 speed upgrade along with a disc upgrade prior to purchase.

Joined: 8/16/2013
Posts: 53
More like a story from the garage.
We have a 6 yr old granddaughter.  At times if the daughter is going to be late from work, she'll ride the schoolbus to our place or the wife will pick her up at school.  One of us will then take her home once the daughter has gotten home.
Well if Grandpa (meaning me) is the driver, she'll see if I'll take her home in the Vette.  Especially if it's warm out and the top can be put down, she's in heaven.
The other day I wasn't home yet and the wife was going to take her home.  Amaya went out a few minutes before the wife and when the wife got to the garage, no Granddaughter.
After a minute or so, the wife found her sitting in the drivers seat of the Vette pretending to drive it.  When the wife opened the car door, Amaya asked the wife "Do you think Grandpa will still have the car (the Vette) when I'm old enough to drive?"
Nothing like getting them started young Wink
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8/27/17 11:22pm - Reply: 'Re: C4 stories from the road'
Standard Member
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Fremont, CA - USA

1995 Corvette Polo Green Metallic with Black/Tan interior 6 speed manual transmission

Joined: 1/21/2017
Posts: 1
When I first bought my '95 C4, I was getting on the freeway after work on a Saturday. The on ramp to the freeway is awesome, big sweeping curve with a slight bank to it that feeds into about a quarter mile straight away on to the freeway. Every time I used this on ramp I'd go a little faster, just testing out the car. On this day I really pressed it, when I hit the freeway I was in 6th gear doing about 120( I know, stupid...but really fun!). As I came on the freeway, I down shifted to 5th and started slowing down to the speed of traffic. That's when I saw the red flashing lights behind me. Slowing down, I pulled over. The officer came up to my window, asked for my license and registration. I was on my best behavior, yes sir, here you go sir. He went back to his car, then came back. He said "look, I own a Vette too, I understand. When I pull somebody in a Vette over, if there cool about it I'll let them off with a warning, if they're not I write them up." He handed me my license and registration and said "just slow it down okay" Yes sir!!
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8/28/17 9:34am - Reply: 'Re: C4 stories from the road'
Standard Member
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Joined: 7/12/2017
Posts: 22
My two favourites..
1. At a car show, the Triumph Spitfire Club guys had a look all over my '87 and when I asked "what do you think?" all I got back was, "..its just a big lardy Spitfire!"  LOL
2. At a gas station, I got asked.. "..is it because its mid engined, its so loud?" I was speechless until I heard his passenger say "I just love those MR2's.."   ..wtf!!   Shocked

|UPDATED|8/28/2017 6:34:18 AM (AZT)|/UPDATED|

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