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  Thread Title Posted By Views Replies Last Activity
  Which is the ideal speed for maximum mileage? 55mph or 55kmph? JensenBreck
10/23/17 12:11pm
95  2 mpv96 Go directly to Reply
11/2/17 6:12am
  Chnges in tyres nd alloy rims will effect on performance or mileage? JensenBreck
10/23/17 12:10pm
93  1 Corveddie Go directly to Reply
11/1/17 3:57pm
  Angel tuning remap - still worth it? JensenBreck
10/23/17 12:09pm
268  1 vintageracer Go directly to Reply
11/1/17 12:02pm
  Common rail and turbocharged diesel engine? JensenBreck
10/23/17 12:10pm
50  0 JensenBreck
10/23/17 12:10pm
  What is tsi engine and how did Volkswagen and scoda managed to put tur JensenBreck
10/23/17 12:09pm
62  0 JensenBreck
10/23/17 12:09pm
  Pics of Your Other Rides JonJon
1/23/16 5:59pm
565  1 Tesla220 Go directly to Reply
9/23/16 1:53pm
  Timing Light Repair JonJon
2/4/16 10:30am
534  0 JonJon
2/4/16 10:30am
  Toyota Take-over of American racing... 396c4
3/15/14 8:59am
1251  1 Tesla220 Go directly to Reply
10/6/15 12:33pm
  4+3 manual transmussion Abest
5/9/14 10:17pm
1160  3 Abest Go directly to Reply
5/11/14 6:14pm
  1985 corvette auto transmission shifting Bybassett
5/2/14 8:36pm
569  0 Bybassett
5/2/14 8:36pm
  Variable Compression Ratio Engine Adams' Apple
7/1/09 8:58pm
1401  1 396c4 Go directly to Reply
3/26/14 11:27am
  c7 vs srt jonneyone
1/16/13 4:05pm
897  0 jonneyone
1/16/13 4:05pm
11/29/12 9:49am
1426  2 redvette89 Go directly to Reply
11/30/12 12:01pm
  The passing of Carroll Shelby jmcclur22
5/25/12 10:23pm
1726  1 TLAVAC Go directly to Reply
6/9/12 9:53am
  Honda Recalls 2.5 million cars... Adams' Apple
8/5/11 9:45pm
848  0 Adams' Apple
8/5/11 9:45pm
  Non American Muscle Cars bolgartbill
4/12/11 4:28am
1859  2 Adams' Apple Go directly to Reply
4/12/11 9:44pm
  Last minute entry for this years Darwin Award... Adams' Apple
11/23/10 1:47pm
885  0 Adams' Apple
11/23/10 1:47pm
  Car Rentals MICHAEL55
1/27/10 11:02am
1873  2 jimmymack Go directly to Reply
1/27/10 2:06pm
  Shift Kit videos! Adams' Apple
12/2/09 9:44am
1419  0 Adams' Apple
12/2/09 9:44am
  I've seen it all part deux... Adams' Apple
8/31/09 12:36pm
2082  1 jimmymack Go directly to Reply
9/24/09 3:52pm
  I have NOW seen everything... Adams' Apple
8/31/09 12:15pm
1017  0 Adams' Apple
8/31/09 12:15pm
  "Split-Cycle" Engine up and running...finally! Adams' Apple
7/1/09 8:59pm
876  0 Adams' Apple
7/1/09 8:59pm
  Clear Coat Repair Gooch
4/13/09 6:46am
2321  2 jimmymack Go directly to Reply
4/30/09 3:20pm
  98 Silverado Intake Gaskets R/R Strats-N-Vettes
3/20/09 4:38pm
2155  3 Adams' Apple Go directly to Reply
3/21/09 11:48am
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