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I thought it would be a good idea to share emails that I receive from members with all of you, since the members are the reason this site is up and running.  My goal is to provide all C3 owners with a great place to research and talk about C3s.  By you telling me if I'm doing a good or bad job, I know how to tweak the site to make it better (or as I like to say, The Best Resource on the Net for C3 Vettes!)

Thank you all for your support, and if you'd like to drop me a line (to add to this page) simply Contact Me!

-Adam Wartell
Founder - C3 Vette Registry

From JSGarner

Hi Adam,

Thank you for your inquiry...I am happy to respond.

First off, I could not be happier with C3VR.com. Rarely do you find a site that is as friendly and informational as yours. I admit, I was skeptical at first. However, your site continues to amaze and impress me. The advice, instruction, and information I've already acquired in just my short trial time has been nothing short of incredible. I haven't had the opportunity to become an "official" member yet, but that is a guarantee. From this point on, my '82 Vette and C3VR.com are forever attached!

To answer your question about "what you like and/or dislike about the site"... Other than just simply being "great", some specific "likes" would be...

*"Critical" information is always available.
*Members are genuinely interested in helping whenever/wherever they can.
*No unnecessary "chat" in posts.
*Attracts the "serious" C3 owner....while offering information in "layman's" terms.
*No question is "stupid".
*That you have inquired as to my thoughts shows me you care about it being a quality site.

As far as "dislikes"...I truly can't think of one.

Thanks again and I look forward to being around here a looooong time!


From 69MyWay


It was a pleasure meeting you at the NCM Sharkfest event Labor
Day Weekend 2002. I had only learned of the C3VR site not long before the
Sharkfest Weekend. No doubt, many "shark" fans left feeling as if the
focus of the weekend drifted off of the C3 celebration and more towards
the C5 crowd as well as fund raising efforts for the NCM. You had a very
nice professional contact point with your C3VR tent meeting and greeting
would be and current C3VR membership. Maybe next time you can be set up
front and center in the circle in front of the NCM where they park the
celebrity choice cars at the end of the day. In fact, the C3VR should be
the contact point and select the judges and or judging of the C3 group
next time.

You have built a wonderful web site. What impressed me the most is how
you jumped right in with both feet after being a Vette owner for such a
short period of time. No doubt you have been seriously bitten by the
bug, and the only cure is to share the love and passion for the curvy
machines with everybody. You and your moderators do a great job keeping
the peace and moving things along in a professional way. I do stretch my
cyber self thin as an administrator at the Corvette Action Center as well
as the many other automotive forums that I participate in on any given
day, so I don't get to participate here as much as I would like. It
seems like all the Corvette related web sites have really picked up in
recent months. No doubt the word is out. When you can't be behind the
wheel enjoying your fiberglass toy, you can at least bang on the keyboard
and share your hobby with other people from around the world. Keep up
the good work! The VIN Decoder has to be one of the coolest things I
have ever seen on such a car dedicated web site.

I am getting ready to go neck deep in another C3 project. It is the
sister project to Killer in a coupe version. I am not really allowed to
spread any details, but don't be surprised if it ends up with a 540 CID
Dart block, my electric headlight conversion, Vintage A/C system, and
another huge host of goodies with a more "Old School" look and feel than
my machine. GOD I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Thanks for taking the time and making the sacrifice to give the entire C3
following a home!

Chris McDonald

From twocorvettes

I joined at Carlisle 2002. I was worried that I would find a web page that was filled with old links, or outdated material.

It is wonderful to see pictures from Carlisle posted there so quickly. I only looked on Tuesday because I got a ďforumĒ email of unread material, and found your posting.

I canít know everything there is about the C3ís, so Iím glad the forum is divided into specialty sections.

From Doc

I'm not much of a joiner or follower. But since discovering the C3VR on the web I appreciate the job you're doing. This web site has helped me access information I need in maintaining my 77 Vette. I plan to drive to the 50th party in Bowling Green next year, but because I live in Virginia I plan to take a different route. I do look forward to meeting the many different people who own C3's.

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