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My 1992 Corvette won't start (1/32)
 11/23/09 3:17pm
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1992 Corvette Coupe LT1 Six Speed

Joined: 11/23/2009
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My 1992 Corvette won't start. The lights and radio, etc. come on, but the starter won't engage or even make a sound.
This is a six speed.
It has been running great and I drove it the day before this problem first occurred.
There are less than 50,000 miles on the car.
Could the Neutral Safety Switch be the problem?
In researching things, I have seen where the ECM or security may also be the cause.
I have tried both keys in case there was a bad one and to no avail.
What about starter?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,
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My 1992 Corvette won't start (2/32)
 11/24/09 12:31am
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Liverpool, NY - USA

'91 ZR1

Joined: 4/26/2009
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Russ, diagnosing a problem afar is very difficult.  What I usually do is to plan a process of elimination, and start with the easiest first.  If you don't already have one, and it doesn't sound like you do, get yourself a good maintenance or shop manual.  Chiltons is usually pretty good, although I don't think they're as good as they use to be.  Anyway, it should show some directions to take in diagnosing your problem.  It could be any one of a number of things, try with the simplest first.  It could very well be a safety switch and that's probably where I'd start.  I've also had starter solenoids in the past get what's known as a "dead" spot.  That's where the starter is completely lifeless at times and others it responds normal.  If you know how to "short" across the solenoid, this will tell you if it may be the solenoid.  This "shorting" is actually bypassing the ignition and any other safety switch to engage the solenoid and the starter.  If you don't know how to do this then let it be and try another direction.  Good luck.
My 1992 Corvette won't start (3/32)
 11/24/09 12:44am
Adams' Apple
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Duncanville, TX - USA

1985 Coupe-L98/Auto,Bright Red/Carmine. 1974 Coupe-L48/4speed, Medium Red Metallic/Black Deluxe.

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Do the dash lights dim when you turn it to "crank", with the clutch in? Turn the key to "crank", with the clutch out, then, while holding the key to crank, push the clutch in. If the dash lights dim a little when you push the clutch in, the NSS is probably not the problem.
Does the "Security" light come on/flash at any time?
The ECM will probably not cause a no crank, but the BCM/CCM could, if the '92 has that...I don't know off-hand if they do or not.
Have you had it scanned, or is it possible to get it scanned for codes? There is a thread here on how to get codes out of it if you do not have access to a scanner...codes(if there are any) would help with the diagnosis.
Of course, the first things to check would be battery cable connections, and fuses...

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My 1992 Corvette won't start (4/32)
 11/25/09 12:54pm
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Roscommon, MI - USA

1991 Coupe L98 Turquoise with spoiler and Black interior

Joined: 9/13/2009
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It sound like the identical problem with my 91 last year. I eventually found the problem in the C100 harness connector ( this is the main harness to the powertrain) the connection to the starter was failing. I cleaned the complete interior of the connector (harness) and used an electronic grease and it has worked perfectly since. This is not the easiest harness to get to and work on because I had to remove the battery and work behind the battery cavity. Also used jumpercables to remotely rig the battery up to test it. I hope this helps. I found this trouble shotting  method in the service manual which is a great purchase for older vehicles.
My 1992 Corvette won't start (5/32)
 12/1/09 3:37am
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1953 1992 BLACK ON BLACK

Joined: 11/22/2009
Posts: 60

Had you recently washed down (hosed) the engine or driven thru heavy rain or a puddle?
If you did it's the Optispark distributor. These things are worse than the old Chyrsler products. A dark cloud passes over and moisture forms in the distributor. They do not like water.
Had this happen to me while driving through a heavy downpour.
Just a SWAG.
Good luck.
My 1992 Corvette won't start (6/32)
 12/26/09 12:38am
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Sherwood, AR - USA

1992 Bright Red Coupe

Joined: 3/24/2009
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It's not the optispark.  A dead opti would still let the starter engage.  The opti gets a bad rap for a lot of things.  The opti is not the bad of a distributor.  Matter of fact, its one of the most precision built and operating pieces ever constructed.  of course it has its weaknesses but even the first gens can last for well over a hundred thousand miles.  Mine has.  It's still ticking at 135K.
My 1992 Corvette won't start (7/32)
 12/26/09 7:35pm
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Warsaw, IN - USA

1991 Coupe ACI ground effects,billet specialties wheel,flowmaster,k&n.

Joined: 12/4/2009
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My guess is its the VATS. They suck! Get a bypass and drive on.
My 1992 Corvette won't start (8/32)
 12/26/09 9:54pm
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Scottsdale, AZ - USA

1995 Corvette LT1 Coupe. Black with Bronze top.

Joined: 3/24/2009
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ZRICK is correct.  You need to troubleshoot this by working through several tests.  It could be anything from the neutral safety switch you mentioned, to the ignition switch, to the starter solenoid, to the battery, to fuse, etc.

Start by elimnating the starter/ solenoid and work back.  A wiring diagram will help.

My 1992 Corvette won't start (9/32)
 12/27/09 9:15am
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Odenton, MD - USA

1987 T5 5 speed ,cast iron head motor (no history on this) Z-51 Bright red with gray leather interior Greenwood spoiler,Corvette Central muffler eliminators and American Racing 16" Gotti replicas.

Joined: 12/21/2009
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My first guess would be the clutch switch. That would keep the engine from cranking if it is defective. You can jump it by removing the harness from the switch and running a jumper accross the 2 wires. Please make sure you are in neutral!!!
My 1992 Corvette won't start (10/32)
 12/30/09 5:00pm
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Cedar Lake, IN - USA


Joined: 12/30/2009
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I still think its the opti-spark.