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Topic: 2020 calendar submissions under review

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2020 calendar submissions under review (1/1)
 11/1/19 6:19pm
Adam Wartell
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I received about 30 entries for the 2020 calendar.

Unfortunately, as usually, a bunch did not meet at least one requirement and had to be rejected. This weekend I will be reviewing the entries and looking to find the best 12.

If there are not at least 12 that make the cut, I may contact people whose submission was rejected to ask for resubmission.

I know the list of rules is lengthy and detailed, but it is necessary to ensure a high quality calendar.

You should have received an auto-reply if your submission was received. However, Yahoo, AOL, Comcast and some other email services think email coming from C4VR is spam so it may have gone into your spam/junk folder or it may have been completely rejected by your email provider. In order to make you receive our emails, add the calendar email address to your address book. 

If your picture is selected, I'll send you an email to let you know and also post a list here in the forums.

Thanks to everyone that submitted pictures.

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