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Topic: What's with the pop-up's?

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What's with the pop-up's? (1/1)
 11/8/13 7:54pm
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When reading tech forums, I'm getting a pop-up in the lower right of the screen when I scroll about half way down the page.It's says "Recommended for You". There is also a set of vertical buttons for the social sites on the right hand side of the screen. They are annoying as hell.

These appeared about 2 weeks ago. I use adblock. I can't get adblock to recognize them, so I can block them.  I assume they are Google-related, and being generated by my Google searches.  BUT is this something you added to the site, or is it something Google has figured out how to do to me on its own?

This forum uses a software that is different than V-Bulletin which is what the majority of car forums on the web use. I have no trouble with adblock not finding and blocking the Google shit on V-Bulletin sites. so it is either something you've added / allowed, or this particular software is vulnerable to un-initiated Google behavior.

Curious. And how can I remove them? Annoying as hell. Thanks.
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