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C4 Corvette Quiz: General Knowledge

Test your overall Corvette Knowledge

Scroll through the 10 questions below, clicking on each answer you think is the correct one. Once you have answered all questions your final score will appear at the bottom.

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The C3 Corvette's last model year was 1982. What was the first year for the 4th generation Corvettes ("C4")?

What was the first model year Corvette produced a Pace Car edition for sale during the C4 generation?

What was the location of the Corvette assembly plant when the C4 first went into production?

For how many model years was the C4 Corvette produced?

What was the first model year of C4 Corvette offered the ZR1 option package?

What was the first C4 Corvette model year to offer a convertible top?

For all C4 Corvette model years but one, Red was the most popular paint color. What color was the most popular during that one model year?

Which factory option was no longer available on the Corvette beginning with the 1986 model year?

The 1989 C4 Corvette was the first Corvette with a base price over what dollar amount?

The term "Grand Sport" was first used on the 1963 Corvette. But it would not return until the C4 generation. In what model year did Grand Sport return on the C4 Corvette?

Check out our sister site quizzes too!

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