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Forum Search

You can search the C4Vette Registry forums using the simple Google Search box or the Detailed Search form below.

Simple Search - Using Google

Detailed Search - Instructions:
  • You MUST specify at least ONE search criteria
  • If you specify a Forum Name, you MUST specify at least one other criteria
  • Member Names must be full names (spaces are acceptable)
  • Title & Message keyword criteria must be specified as follows:
    • Single words are acceptable
      • Example: brakes
    • Single words must NOT be simple words such as 'the', 'be', 'a', etc.
    • Multiple word searches must be enclosed in double quotes (")
      • Example: "brake pads"
    • Multiple phrase searches must be enclosed in double quotes (") and separated by keywords (AND, OR, NOT, NEAR)
      • Example 1: "brakes" AND "pads"
      • Example 2: "brake pads" OR "brake shoes"
  • The search function is limited to returning the top 200 matches. You should provide as much criteria as possible to return only the results that will be useful to you.
  • Search results are updated every 3 hours.  (in other words, your message will not be found by the Search function until 3 hours after you post it.)

Make sure to see instructions for multiple word searches