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C4 Corvette Parts Auctions on eBay

In April 2020 eBay sent us an email indicating that our "partner network" relationship with them has been terminated due to violations of their Terms of Service. However, they did not disclose what that violation was nor did they give us a chance to correct the issue.
We had been a partner with them for almost 20 years, sending them plenty of referrals and business along the way, and have not once before this been told we were doing anything wrong with the links we had to their website.
We have attempted to contact the eBay Partner Network (EPN) multiple times asking for an explanation as to why we were terminated, (they do not offer any method of contacting them by phone) we always receive reply the same generic message:
After re-reviewing your case, we have confirmed that your account was in violation of the Network Agreement. The decision to terminate your account stands, and we will not reconsider our decision.  You are not permitted to rejoin the eBay Partner Network.
As we have communicated everything we can at this point, we will not respond to any further inquiry regarding this matter.
As such, we can no longer offer you one of our most popular features: our Corvette Parts Auctions on eBay Directory.
If you would like to contact eBay to complain about this unfair treatment of a trusted partner for almost 20 years, you can contact them here.  The company name they know us as is "Vette Registries, LLC".
We are sorry if you came here looking to find our easy to use tool and hope that you check out and find useful our many other features.
Thank you.
C4 Vette Registry