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Topic: I need a jack

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I need a jack (1/2)
 2/13/12 2:24pm
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Spring Hill, FL - USA

1992 coupe. Custom.

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My 92, came without a jack or any parts that are used with it.
Do I need the factory jack or will any sissor jack work?
If I can get a factory jack, I would be a happier clam.
Any for sale here that work?
Thanks much.
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Re: I need a jack (2/2)
 2/14/12 10:26am
Judge Roy Bean
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Bandera, TX - USA

one ea. 1996 LT1, red on gray interior, stroker 383 Dart heads w/ 2.02"int,1.60exeh 11.8:1, Comp Cam 230/236@50 .570/.576 113LSA , Crane 1.6:1`rocker arms, GM Delphi roller lifters HiFlo Cats, Xpipe and low restriction muffles, it sounds lumpy at idle!!!

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When you need something like a jack call a salvage yard. I have been using Dino's Corvette Salvage, Picayune 39466 Miss.
 phone # 1 888 467 8388. Salvage yards usually charge 50% of new. Dino will send the small parts through the US Mail. Ask him for the jack handle too. There must be a place to store the jack in your Corvette. JRB

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