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Topic: Looking for my 54/55 SO 2151

in Forum: All Vettes Discussion

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Looking for my 54/55 SO 2151 (1/1)
 11/14/20 4:33pm
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Jamestown, ND - USA

55, 63, 68, 07, 14, 54/55

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My uncle and his friend owned a 54/55 prototype. They arranged for it to be restored. The arrangement allowed for the restorer to tour with the car for two years once the restoration was completed. After two years, it was supposed to be taken to Bowling Green to the National Corvette Museum. My Uncle’s intention was for the car to be donated so that any enthusiast visiting the museum could enjoy seeing and learning about the car.
I know the name of the person entrusted with the restoration. He lives in Indiana. I’ve been told the car was taken to a shop for someone else to work on it. Has anyone heard anything about the car? I need to provide an accounting if its whereabouts for probate purposes. Any help would be useful. Please call or text me if you can provide information.

Thank you,

Abbie Craig



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