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Topic: VH1 'Lost Corvettes' are being given away - AGAIN!

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VH1 'Lost Corvettes' are being given away - AGAIN! (1/1)
 1/28/21 1:52pm
Adam Wartell
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Way back on January 1, 1985 the music television cable channel VH1 was launched.  In 1989, in an effort to increase viewership, VH1 ran a promotion to give away 36 Corvettes, one from each model year. Entering the promotion meant you had to place a $2 phone call to a 900 number, which gave you an entry. After entry closed, they picked the winner from 4 million entrants.

The person who won was a carpenter from Long Island named Dennis Amodeo. But Dennis didn't have anywhere to store 36 vehicles! Well, problem solved, because an artist named Peter Max immediately purchased the Corvettes from Amodeo. Max expected to create something artistic with them.  But 25 years later, in 2014, they were discovered sitting in various New York City garages, when they were finally rescued by car enthusiasts eager to get the Vettes back into pristine condition.

Once the "The Corvette Heroes" have stepped in, restoration began on all 36 Corvettes. They needed a ton of work. After 5 years of restoration, the 36 Vettes are beautifully restored to their former glory! And now they are being given away AGAIN! 36 Corvettes. 36 Winners. Proceeds from the sweepstakes currently benefit Stand for the Troops - a charity that supports America's military veterans.

Watch a 4 minute video that details the history and restoration...

You can enter the sweepstakes on thelostcorvettes.com

With $3 and a little luck, you could be the new owner of one of these incredible pieces of history!

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