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C4 No-Flex Frame Stiffener Bar System (1/4)
 2/9/14 4:13pm
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Has anyone installed this system? I read that it was developed by Gordon Killebrew then marketed and sold through Vette2Vette. Looks interesting, but the 499.00 price is steep to try it...wanted to know if somebody here has already done the modification.

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Re: C4 No-Flex Frame Stiffener Bar System (2/4)
 2/10/14 7:04pm
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   The C4 was "Cutting Edge " when it left the factory in Bowling Green. I can't imagine needing a frame stiffener on either one of mine. And I am a tight wad when it comes to cash. When this guy developed this stiffener, was he daily driving his C4 or racing it?.................
Re: C4 No-Flex Frame Stiffener Bar System (3/4)
 2/10/14 11:38pm
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Looks like a fancy "upgraded" factory "X" brace, originally used on the convertibles.You can prolly buy one of the GM braces for less than $500, and it bolts right on. The factory piece WILL inhibit access to the trans pan, and driveshaft, but it isn't that hard to install/remove.

vette2vette frame stiffener

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Re: C4 No-Flex Frame Stiffener Bar System (4/4)
 2/11/14 2:46pm
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This is designed for racing. A stock C4 does not need the frame stiffened. 
However with that being said, there is currently about an inch of flex when you lift the car without the top being installed.

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