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Topic: underhood paint repair/customizing

in Forum: C4 Body

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underhood paint repair/customizing (1/3)
 7/20/14 10:50am
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1996 Grand Sport Coupe 1974 Coupe

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recently got some gunk splashed up on underside of hood which appeared to come off serpentine belt.  When trying to take off with a little grease/wax remover, the paint actually came off down to the white SMC substrate!  Only leak I could find was from the oil pan gasket, which I have replaced.  Did not think engine oil would remove the underhood black paint, nor did I think the wax/grease remover would do it either!  Any ideas on what other chemical from underhood would eat away the paint, and any ideas/suppliers on underhood dress up murals/items to cover up the damaged paint area.  Now that it needs to be refinished, I am considering whether to do something custom on the underside of the hood center area.  Ideas/thoughts?
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Re: underhood paint repair/customizing (2/3)
 7/20/14 11:23am
Black Shark
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Black 1979 L-82 Black 1996 LT1 Black 1999 Coupe

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There is no telling what wore out the paint....could of been years of something, or could of been something before you owned it and its just now showing up.

I am not wild about hood liner stuff unless its a show car...color match paint for drivers is my idea.


Good luck

Re: underhood paint repair/customizing (3/3)
 10/30/14 5:01am
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1985 C4 red, 1985 C4 Black and dark gray

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