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Wipers (1/11)
 4/2/14 2:51pm
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Kearns, UT - USA

1990, L98, 6 Speed Manual, Brilliant red metallic

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Okay I know... you're not supposed to take your Corvette out when the weather isn't good enough for the windows to be rolled down.  *gasp* I drive my Corvette as a daily driver so each days weather can be an adventure here in Utah!  So speaking of which - what brand of wiper blades/refills do you all use, and where can I get some.  I've gone to the dealership and they try to sell me complete new wiper blades, but those won't tuck neatly under the lip of the closed hood - and it looks like I chipped some paint on the underside of the hood before I realized what the issue was.  Any new complete blade is just way too tall.  I've gone to aftermarket part stores and struck out trying to find refills.  I have the oem original wiper blades, but the the refills I have on their now (came on the car when I purchased it couple of years back) are really failing me right now.  Help! - oh and thanks in advance. 


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Re: Wipers (2/11)
 4/2/14 8:48pm
Adams' Apple
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Duncanville, TX - USA

1985 Coupe-L98/Auto,Bright Red/Carmine. 1974 Coupe-L48/4speed, Medium Red Metallic/Black Deluxe.

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 I've run into the exact same issue on my '85. Afaik, they don't offer "refills" anymore. At least I haven't been able to find any in any of the parts houses around here. The ones I have on mine also rub against the hood....Censored


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Re: Wipers (3/11)
 4/5/15 12:40pm
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Ephrata, PA - USA

1995 Std Coupe Dark Purple Metallic Auto Trans Z07 Suspension Just under 23K miles (7.7.13)

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Autozone (website) appears to offer a replacement blade that fits both left and right sides.  It is shown as Valucraft/Wiper Blade and part number is VCB20,  $7.19.
According to AutoZone this blade would also fit both sides of my '95, but Cultrag Factory Parts (formerly GM Parts Direct) lists two different part numbers for a 1995 and shows blades for a 1990 as no longer available.  I guess it is a matter of "look and see" if you have an AutoZone nearby.  The blade at least looks like the original on AutoZones' website.  
Good luck.
Re: Wipers (4/11)
 4/6/15 10:53am
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Spring Hill, FL - USA

1992 coupe. Custom.

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They are diff on left/right side on my 92. Went to Auto Zone and one vette owner gave me a set that fit his 92.
No hits, runs or errors.
Don't remember which size but they have them in stock.
The factory set, I brought back. They didn't fit right. Hit the hood.
Re: Wipers (5/11)
 11/6/15 1:30am
Hot Rod Roy
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Mission Viejo, CA - USA

Yellow '84 Coupe

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I know this is an old post, but there are no answers here.   Here's my answer:  Michelin "High Performance" wiper blades have a nice low profile, and will fit either the early or late C4 wiper arms.  They are not the same, as the diameter if the mounting pins are different.   The Michelin blades have two holes for the different size pins.   And I was surprised to find them at Home Depot!   I understand WalMart carries them  also. 

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Re: Wipers (6/11)
 11/7/15 9:26am
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1985 C4 red, 1985 C4 Black and dark gray

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I bought some armor all blades & no they wouldnt clear the hood so I put them on my Z-28 I did get replacement blades from Ecklers for about 25-30 bucks each   but they fit correctly
Re: Wipers (7/11)
 11/8/15 1:46pm
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Northern California, CA - USA

1996 LT4 CE

Joined: 3/17/2010
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I know the OP said the ones the dealership tried to sell wouldn't tuck in under the hood properly, but I had the exact opposite experience.  After trying several different brands from AutoZone, Pep Boys, etc., I sucked it up and went to the dealership.  They had to order them, but the blades they sold me fit perfectly. 

1996 LT4 Collector Edition
Re: Wipers (8/11)
 11/9/15 10:07am
Black Shark
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Black 1979 L-82 Black 1996 LT1 Black 1999 Coupe

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I too had problems...but only in the last 3 or 4 years....never had the problem before.
Re: Wipers (9/11)
 11/18/15 12:59pm
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Brooksville, FL - USA

1994 Coupe Automatic

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I have a 94 and was looking for new blades.  The brands at Autozone claimed they fit the 94 but they didn't because the wiper arm was too high and would hit the underside of the hood in their resting position.  Finally found a pair of RainX 20in at a local hardware store that were LOW-PROFILE and had the correct - sized pivot hole. I took the "original" blades off the car and compared them to the new blades in the package to make sure they were low-enough profile. I too had previously gone to a local Chevy dealer and ordered the "correct" blades only to receive a pair of Anco's that didn't fit under under the hood cowl. The RainX blades are working great.
Re: Wipers (10/11)
 11/18/15 9:13pm
Silver Slyder
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Ormond Beach, FL - USA

1996 Corvette Collectors Edition Silver with black interior

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I ordered a set of wiper blades A/C Delco from RockAuto.com. These wipers are factory type and works perfectly.

Re: Wipers (11/11)
 12/30/15 11:54pm
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Crittenden, KY - USA

'86 Coupe Silver/Grey Manual Trans

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UPDATE Kentucky
The Bosch FLEX fit line they are supposed to and clear the hood by approx. 1/8".
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