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Blower motor only works on high, also no A/c (1/2)
 7/25/18 11:39am
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Hi folks:

I have a 1987 with manual a/c controls.  I just purchased a new blower motor resistor and my fan still only blows on high.   I know it bypasses the switch knob for the high speed.  Also, I have about 14V at the plug on the resistor and across the resistor itself on all speeds.  

Is it possible that the switch itself is bad? a pain to get out.  Also, I just recharged my a/c system, but still no A/c.  Gonna have to take that to a shop.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Blower motor only works on high, also no A/c (2/2)
 7/26/18 7:02am
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When you say "still no AC"; have you checked to see if the compressor clutch is engaging?
Yes; send it to the repair shop.
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