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Repair of digital climate control for 1988 Corvette (1/1)
 2/1/17 7:31pm
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My decrease temperature button would not work, I saw an add on Ebay and went to the actual site.  For a cost of 99.00 dollars I sent my climate control to them I got it baclk today and it works 100%.  The company is autoxpresstech it is located in Holbrook Ma.  I sent the climate control last week on Tuesday and they received it on Thursday fixed it and back to me.

I saw a video that showed how to clean the contacts behind the button but my unit was held together not by screws but what looked like a locking plastic set up with my luck I would most likely break the unit which would cost at least 500 to replace with a used unit. 

Going through my car as I just purchased it in November.  The climate unit needed to be fixed. I would recommend this vendor if you need to repair your unit.

Take care Al. 



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