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Topic: C4 differential liquing

in Forum: C4 Driveline Components

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C4 differential liquing (1/3)
 5/17/24 7:23am
Rory de Vega
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, - Spain

1995 Triple Black C4

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I do have a 1995 Corvette C4 with a differential leak. Should I use a gasket? Or just a gasket sealant?



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Re: C4 differential liquing (2/3)
 5/17/24 9:49pm
Adams' Apple
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Duncanville, TX - USA

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WHERE is it leaking? Several places it could leak, but the only place it would need a gasket or sealant is between the differential housing and the mount(batwing). That particular junction would use a sealant, no gasket. A good quality silicone would work, as would 3M Aviation Sealant, which is my preference.


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Joel Adams  
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Re: C4 differential liquing (3/3)
 5/29/24 4:36pm
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beaufort, SC - USA

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I would use the rtv sealant and torque the cover evenly 

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