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Topic: 1989 relay location

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1989 relay location (1/4)
 1/11/23 4:57pm
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Pickens, SC - USA

1989 Red,convertible,sold an 78 Black coupeSilver Anniversary after 3 years.

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Need to find the relay fo:r 1) the electric fan.it runs continually w/ign  ON

2) Mass Air Flow sensor  BURN OFF relay

I can see 3 under the  master cyl. on tthe firewall..IF it's them which ones are which???



getting a 3-6  on a code reader.


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Re: 1989 relay location (2/4)
 1/25/23 10:59am
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Williamsburg, PA - USA

1989 coupe

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Corvette Central has a bunch of Youtube videos of a stripped out C4 where they point out lots of hidden relays and other parts.  I would start there.

Re: 1989 relay location (3/4)
 1/25/23 11:02am
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Port Richey, FL - USA

1987 Convertible. Bright Red/Red Interior. Stock/Original.

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On my 87, the Mass Airflow Relay is right behind the battery. I was getting the same code, and replacing the relay fixed it. Think it's the same on an 89.

Re: 1989 relay location (4/4)
 1/28/23 9:35am
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beaufort, SC - USA

1990 Turquoise Corvette (his) & 1990 Turquoise Corvette (hers)indy festiville car for sale

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The fan is running because the resistor on top of ac box is shorted.Unplug it and the fan will stop running .They sell them for replacement!!

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