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Topic: Courtesy lights desperation...

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Courtesy lights desperation... (1/1)
 11/9/18 9:41am
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1990 ZR1

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I am hoping starting a new topic might finally find someone who has the answer to this ongoing courtesy light problem...here are the highlights: 1) door switches function (and new) 2) relay is functioning (and new) 3) timer works correctly 4) fuse is good 5) no CCM errors 6) light sensor correctly dims/brightens the dash. Covering sensor has no effect on courtesy lights. 7) all lights work when manually turned on. There is no ryme or reason to when the courtesy lights decide to work and when they don't. Last night we left home for dinner and the courtesy lights worked perfectly. After dinner, not working with either door. Does anyone in the world have an idea?

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