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tach reads 3000 AT IDLE !! (1/2)
 10/18/17 3:59pm
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new poret richey, FL - USA

1991 Coupe-L-98-auto, 1994 White Conv., l-98 6 spd.

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Go figure, i dont drive my '91 vette very much [only 61,000 miles]. it  isgaraged, no sun, or rain. So, i get in, and start car for its weekly 'run-up' . It starts, idles fine. Seems like it's 800 rpm. BUT, when i look at the tach, it's reading 3000 !!!!!!!!!!! after a while, the 'Check guages' light comes on. What da heck ???
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Re: tach reads 3000 AT IDLE !! (2/2)
 10/18/17 9:05pm
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Tucson, AZ - USA

1990 L98 FX3, J55 Coupe, Quasar Blue Metallic with black leather power sport seats 3.33:1 Dana44 6-speed

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  Do a search on the forum or google for c4 corvette tach filter.  You probably need to replace it.