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Topic: 1993 High oil Temp

in Forum: C4 Engines

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1993 High oil Temp (1/2)
 9/10/17 8:50pm
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Joined: 9/10/2017
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I just noticed the LT1 oil temp was 240 degrees. I changed the oil and it was the same temp on the digital dash. The analog gauge reads about 160. It hardly moves.

Any suggestions?
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Re: 1993 High oil Temp (2/2)
 8/9/20 3:32pm
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lancaster, CA - USA

1984 but looks like what gm should have made it look like

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  I no this is an old post but here's my input.

My oil ran 280 degs. If oil goes over 220 it starts detiriating real quick. I've heard that oil can boil buthavent confirmed it for engine oil.

I just this last week installed a Hayden oil cooler in front of radiator due to high oil temps. Temp has now stabilized at 180 on the road to 210 in heavy slow traffic.

Total cost was oil cooler adaapter $50.

AN #8 fittings $56.

10 feet Steel braided oil line $100.

Hayden cooler 12x 8 x 1 inches $48.00

get an oil cooler/ not a trans cooler

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