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Topic: 1996 LT4 Engine Miss Solved!

in Forum: C4 Engines

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1996 LT4 Engine Miss Solved! (1/2)
 6/10/22 6:13pm
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Hollywood Park, TX - USA

1996 LT4 Hard Top Convertible 6-Speed

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My ‘96 LT4 had a miss at idle. I read several blogs saying it may be due to a dirty MAF, IAC or Throttle Body. I cleaned all three and still had a miss. Read another blog about arcing ignition wires and sure enough, I found my coil wire was arcing across the water pump. Looked Hi & Lo for just the coil wire instead of having to buy an entire wire set (my C4 only has 42k on it) and found what I believe is the last one available! Put it on and my Corvette idles like a champ! 

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Re: 1996 LT4 Engine Miss Solved! (2/2)
 6/10/22 9:11pm
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West Burke, VT - USA

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