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96 LT4 Roller Rocker Replacement (1/2)
 4/16/17 5:50am
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Merritt Island, FL - USA

96 coupe 04 coupe

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My 96 has the original crane roller rockers.  One rocker completly shifted off the valve and I know I need to replace them all.  I know about the recall by Cheverlot but I don't want to deal with Chevy.  Car has both heads off now in my guarage and I can't drive it in; otherwise I would.  Anyone know of a direct fit replacment part on line I can buy.  I don't want to change the studs and push rods for the repair or even risk haveing to get new valve covers for larger rockers.  Thanks!  Doug

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Re: 96 LT4 Roller Rocker Replacement (2/2)
 8/7/17 11:28am
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, - Canada

96 Vette with extensive list of mods, many one-off and custom.

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Did you find them? I believe Crane made them originally under licence and you can get Crane's from Summit or Jegs or a bunch of other aftermarket suppliers. Stainless steel ones even. I've even picked up some used ebay ones for emergencies.