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best base idle (1/2)
 3/12/17 4:22am
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, - United Kingdom

My c4 1990 is a euro model in pearlescent white with steel blue leather power seats I have own her for just under 4 years

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Can i have some options from you fellow owners as to what would be the best base idle speed to set my L98 90 at. I have been inform that the company that rebuilt it fitted a mild cam and put there own chip in. She is set at 6 dec BTDC at the this time and idles at round 700/750 rpm in gear drops down in stages to that from around 1000/1100
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Re: best base idle (2/2)
 7/14/17 8:01am
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Sounds fine.. My '87 is stock and has the same idles speed at 10deg.