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Topic: C4 won't start

in Forum: C4 Engines

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C4 won't start (1/3)
 11/17/20 11:30am
Tommy Fa
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Rochester, NY - USA

1984 Coupe, white w/ lipstick red interior

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Hello everyone,

I encourage all to buy a calendar, (I'm July!)

But my baby won't stat. I parked it and a week later it cranks like crazy by doesn't fire or even sputter.

I tried starter fluid ...no go.

Tried resetting security...no go

What now?

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Re: C4 won't start (2/3)
 11/17/20 12:13pm
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Just a thought did you check for any codes? If the MAF is dirty this could be the problem.  Are you getting fuel? I once taped the fuel pump relay and it fired up. I then changed the relay. I am sure someone would way more knowledge will help. take care.



Re: C4 won't start (3/3)
 11/17/20 12:41pm
Adams' Apple
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Duncanville, TX - USA

1985 Coupe-L98/Auto,Bright Red/Carmine. 1974 Coupe-L48/4speed, Medium Red Metallic/Black Deluxe.

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If it wouldn't fire/spit/cough with the starter fluid, I would have to think you have an ignition problem, most likely the ignition module in the distributor. They are prone to fail at any given time. I would suggest you first check for 12v on the large red(or pinkish) wire at the distributor cap("BATT") while cranking. If you have 12v while cranking, then next you would want to see if the plugs are firing. You can either use a tester, pull a wire and use an old spark plug(grounded to the engine somewhere), or...hang on to the wire while someone else cranks on it. The last method is not really recommended, but it WILL tell you if the coil is firing! lol If yo determine you have no fire to the plugs, then it is most likely the ignition coil, or the module. I always recommend replacing BOTH at the same time, because it is usually the coil that causes the module to fail.

Let us know what you find!


Joel Adams  
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