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Engine upgrades (1/3)
 10/3/17 7:07pm
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Burlington, NC - USA

1986 coupe, red, gray leather interior, 350 L-48, Doug Nash 4/3 transmission

Joined: 7/17/2016
Posts: 2

    I have an 87 with the 4/3 trans. I am thinking of freshening of the engine with some upgrades. What is the max lift recommended as far as the camshaft. I plan to upgrade the intake, exhaust & add a high performance chip.
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Re: Engine upgrades (2/3)
 10/4/17 11:19am
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Atchafalaya Basin, LA - USA

Black 1979 L-82 Black 1996 LT1 Black 1999 Coupe

Joined: 3/20/2009
Posts: 507

Not enough info for a good recommendation.
New pistons or other parts?
What heads?
What valves?
What valve springs?
What kind of driving?
Stock gear ratio diff.?
Re: Engine upgrades (3/3)
 10/4/17 6:08pm
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new poret richey, FL - USA

1991 Coupe-L-98-auto, 1994 White Conv., l-98 6 spd.

Joined: 10/21/2014
Posts: 13

valve springs r the determining factor. but, i wudn't go more than .510" [at valve] for street. Comp cams cam/valve train was my 'cherce'