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Hard cold start (1/2)
 10/5/17 9:51am
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87 corvette

Joined: 7/26/2017
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Hi 87 corvette hard to start I think it may be the cold start injector ( SOUNDS EASY) cant seem to find one is there a fix for it . Thanks Steve
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Re: Hard cold start (2/2)
 10/16/17 1:41pm
Hot Rod Roy
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Mission Viejo, CA - USA

Yellow '84 Coupe

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Put a fuel pressure tester on the schraeder valve on your fuel rail.   Does it take a lot of cranking of the engine before the fuel pressure reaches about 35 psi?   Your fuel pressure should rise as soon as you turn on the ignition, without cranking the engine.   If that's what's happening, you probably have a bad fuel pump relay.