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Topic: Oil leak

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Oil leak (1/1)
 10/13/21 9:08am
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On my 1995 Vette, it had a coolant leak so I took it in for my Mechanic to work on and decided to replace the Opti-Spark with the MSD setup, cap, rotor, and wires. Got it back and after a few days I noticed an oil leak on my garage floor, took it back they worked on it again, and said the seal from MSD was bad so they replaced it, a few days later same oil leak, it's going back on Monday for the 3rd time, just wondering if anyone else has had this problem, I think when they're putting the seal in the edges are rolling over in the back where you can't see it. My recommendation is going o be pull the cover off and replace the seal on the bench, and use plenty of lube when it's put back to keep it from moving.


Any thoughts?



Gordy Beukema

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