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Oil pressure (1/3)
 5/24/18 4:43pm
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Ft Wayne, IN - USA

1987 Corvette L98 automatic

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I have 1987 Corvette with L98 engine.

When I am at idle with the automatic transmission in drive the oil pressure will drop to 5 psi.  The red light on oil pressure gauge will illuminate. The engine is quiet and runs great.

I have been using Mobile 1 synthetic (15W50).  I am not sure if the oil pump is going bad , the sending unit is bad or the gauge is faulty.  As I accelerate the psi goes up rapidly.

Anyone have a similar experience ?

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Re: Oil pressure (2/3)
 5/25/18 9:35am
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Atchafalaya Basin, LA - USA

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The best test to is to put a mechanical gauge on it and get an accurate reading.
Then start diagnosing from there where a/the problem is.
Re: Oil pressure (3/3)
 5/27/18 8:01am
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Duncanville, TX - USA

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Replace the sending unit....

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