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Topic: 1993 Corvette convertible w/hardtop for sale $7500. Minden, Nevada

in Forum: C4 For Sale/Wanted - Vettes & Parts

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1993 Corvette convertible w/hardtop for sale $7500. Minden, Nevada (1/2)
 5/31/22 5:28pm
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Minden, NV - USA

93 convertible

Joined: 6/20/2013
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First, the elephant in the room. Don't let the mileage scare you, read on! 215,000 miles.  This is a very nice, good running, good driving car. The Polo Green paint with a white interior and top is very striking.

I am the third owner, and I have my service records along with the second owners records. The second owner purchased the car at 65k and I bought it at 193k. All issues that arose over the years and miles were fixed and everything on the car works. The car has been owned and driven by adults, and well cared for and looks nice inside and out.

The engine has no leaks (I fixed all of them), starts and runs well, Does not burn oil, and is unmolested. Same with the transmission. Several years ago I installed a 3:07 "performance" differential from a 1994 Corvette along with new pinion bearings. During my years of ownership I have replaced all of the coolant hoses, the tilt steering knuckle, the driveshaft U-joints, O2 sensors, fuel injectors, spark plugs and wires, timing chain, and many other minor components, resulting in a very reliable car.

The suspension and steering have been rebuilt, using high quality, and in some cases upgraded parts. Note the Banski rear radius, toe, and camber rods and the Global West upper control arm bushings. The front brake pads and rotors are new and the rear have more than 50% remaining lining and braided stainless steel brake lines have been installed.

The body paint is original, the bumper covers, mirror housings, and the hardtop have been repainted for fading and paint chips. I have replaced all of the convertible top weatherstrip, and the hardtop weatherstrip is in good condition. The radio, tape player (cassette), and CD player, A/C (converted to R134), and all other accessories work as intended. Any cosmetic flaws are very minor.

If you are interested in a C4 Corvette, you won't find a better value. I'm not interested in trades, or dickering. I've priced it to sell.  Come see it.

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Re: 1993 Corvette convertible w/hardtop for sale $7500. Minden, Nevad (2/2)
 6/14/22 3:28pm
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Williamsburg, VA - USA

1993 Corvette convertible, 5.7 Ltr, 4 speed Auto, Polo II Green Metalic, beige interior

Joined: 4/25/2022
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It's a really nice looking car.  I am biased cuz I too have a '93 convert in the same color.  I agree that you priced your car to make it a value for a buyer.  Hope you get your asking price.  

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