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Topic: wheels

in Forum: C4 For Sale/Wanted - Vettes & Parts

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wheels (1/3)
 8/14/22 6:24pm
Macho 007
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Plant City, FL - USA

1988 Corvette Hatchback. Interior and exterior Black. Automatic.

Joined: 5/16/2015
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Anyone know where I can get a set of Original 1988 Corvette wheels?

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Re: wheels (2/3)
 8/15/22 12:50am
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West Burke, VT - USA

SOLD - "The Beast" - '90 ZR-1 (#682)
SOLD - "The Toy" - '70 Convertible
SOLD - "Betty" - '28 Ford Model A Tudor
Still have - "BLKBRRD" - '78 Pontiac Trans Am

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A salvage yard that specializes in Corvettes perhaps.  Or eBay.


Jim Olson

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Re: wheels (3/3)
 12/17/22 6:25pm
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Ocean Park, WA - USA

2001 Coupe, 1988 35th Anniversary Coupe currently used to own 1987 Coupe and 1998 Coupe

Joined: 9/30/2016
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Didja find anything yet?  I am seeing the really rare wheel offered on eBay now.  The one without the inner ring.  I'd go after those just for their rarity!  I am looking closely at the Anniversary wheels, knowing that the Z51 and Z52 equipped cars get larger wheel diameters than the base versions.  Looks like there is kind of "an extended" rim made of steel, as the magnet did stick to only the rim.  Has anyone else discovered this?

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