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Topic: Broken TPS bolts

in Forum: C4 Fuel, Emission Control, and Exhaust Systems

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Broken TPS bolts (1/3)
 3/23/16 9:45am
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Eastchester, NY - USA

1987 c4

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Hey all,

I just broke the head off one of bolts holding the Throttle position sensor onto the throttle body and I went to a napa parts and a hardware store and nobody had a replacement.

Anyone have any idea where I can get 2 new bolts? 

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Re: Broken TPS bolts (2/3)
 3/27/16 5:50pm
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1993 coupe 100% original polo green

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I would imagine that any older GM CAR WITH TROTTLE BODY would have the same bolt . Do you have a junk yard near bye ? I do and have found quite a few cross- over parts for a lot of my older cars and trucks . If not do you have a thread count tool , get one their cheap. Count the threads per inch and overall length and diameter . And buy a different style of bolt . Just a suggestion , good luck dan
Re: Broken TPS bolts (3/3)
 3/28/16 5:07pm
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1985 C4 red, 1985 C4 Black and dark gray

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Lowes has a hardware section & there are some drawers with metrick stuff they cost a little more than a nut & bolt supply like fastenall
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