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Topic: Crossfire flooding.

in Forum: C4 Fuel, Emission Control, and Exhaust Systems

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Crossfire flooding. (1/2)
 10/11/23 11:11pm
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, - New Zealand

1984 Corvette Coupe.

Joined: 10/11/2023
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Hello Vette people.My 1984 Crossfire Corvette has developed a problem.When I got it it would start remarkably well.Turn the key and it would fly into life Then it started flooding when warm, terrible gas smell and fumes,would not pick up revs.I replaced the ECU coolant temp sensor at the front of the block.Also replaced the fuel filter, removed the fuel pump and tested it,replaced it.Thought it must be the fuel pump relay,so just plugged a new one in today .I am in New Zealand,so parts can be difficult to source,but in luck so far.I would really appreciate some help.I had to replace the ECU when I got the car,due to water damage.it has a so called Race Chip in the computer.As I said,it ran good when I got it, although it had been sitting a few years.One injector butterfly was stuck,but it still drove reasonable well.Again any help greatly appreciated.

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Re: Crossfire flooding. (2/2)
 10/18/23 6:40pm
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Ocean Park, WA - USA

2001 Coupe, 1988 35th Anniversary Coupe currently used to own 1987 Coupe and 1998 Coupe

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I never had but the Tuned Port Injection.  It gets issues similar to yours related to the fitness of its fuel pressure regulator.  I wonder if that's causing the trouble in your Crossfire set-up...

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