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Topic: Project wrapped up

in Forum: C4 Fuel, Emission Control, and Exhaust Systems

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Project wrapped up (1/2)
 3/25/23 7:50pm
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I buttoned the engine up this morning and took the car for a short, slow drive.  No leaks.  No noises.  No fuel smells.  I had a bunch to test, including finding that disconnected vacuum connection and its possible effect on my HVAC operation.  That will come later -- on my trip home from Charlotte, the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light (33Code) didn't light until the afternoon -- the EGR needs to be "settled back" into cruise mode on a nice freeway drive.  I want to expose the car to that when I can pay attention.  On that EGR "clean up", I really feel that by allowing the intake area adjacent to the EGR to dry out (being exposed) seemed to shrink the material build-up.  I didn't get much debris out of that intake once it dried out.  I polished the opening the EGR valve rides through and I don't expect it to stick anymore.  The failing diaphragm in the fuel pressure regulator was dealt with, and I am hoping that will explain the poor 24 mpg. fuel economy.  Brakes and a transmission fluid change next!

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Re: Project wrapped up (2/2)
 3/26/23 12:36am
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