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Topic: Smog air pump

in Forum: C4 Fuel, Emission Control, and Exhaust Systems

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Smog air pump (1/2)
 8/9/20 3:21pm
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lancaster, CA - USA

1984 but looks like what gm should have made it look like

Joined: 7/17/2020
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Got a 84 vette, nothing special, 92 K miles, new engine, new upolstry, new paint, modified  body ie: got rid of the rubber baby buggy bumper around the car.

     What I will need despretely in the near future is a Air Pump. Mine took a dive, the pulley side bearing shatured & I was able to replace it with another but the fonolic vanes inside the pump were damaged and the case is now cracked. 

     I know I can get it rebuilt by a firm in Texas but it's $125 + parts & a 6 week turnaround. 

Has anybody got an Air pump? Rebuilt pumps are not available and used ones are more than the cost to Texas.

I live in Calif. and smog is the problem. This is a driver/road trip kinda car, mostly orginal but thats not my goal, my goal is to keep it on the road.


























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Re: Smog air pump (2/2)
 8/11/20 5:58pm
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Sebring, FL - USA

1987 Red Roadster Automatic (SOLD 4/4/23) it will be missed. 2004 Yellow Coupe 6 speed 2014 Red Convertible Z51 3LT

Joined: 7/16/2016
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