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Topic: That was noisy...

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That was noisy... (1/2)
 3/18/23 3:55pm
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Ocean Park, WA - USA

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  I'm supposed to be studying for my finals next week.  I study better when I'm not distracted, in this case, by the EGR project.  I really didn't know what to expect, but today I completed the "deep cleaning".  I brought the shop vac with the most suction, and used 2 small brushes with my Dremel tool.  I know now that a cable would be more flexible and reach in deeper, but from what I saw, I am supposing that I was able to vacuum up the debris today -- going in deeper with a flexible "shaft" might have thrown debris where I couldn't suck it back out.  I wasn't willing to take that chance.  I am happy with today's results, will cap off the EGR with a new one, then I will rebuild that fuel pressure regulator.  The new diaphragm and o-ring kit was over $61, but I am positive the fuel economy numbers will climb back up and the car will run better once I rebuild the regulator.  I get the impression that opening up the EGR passage to clear air MIGHT have dried out the debris I dealt with today, as it didn't look greasy and wet like it did when I took the EGR off.  I am going to clean this area up a bit more -- it's already better looking and I can be a bit more thorough yet.

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Re: That was noisy... (2/2)
 3/19/23 2:13pm
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Twin Lakes, CO - USA

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I applaud you for digging into things the way you have.  Your project work will be well worth it when you get the car out on the street...!!!


Jim Olson

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