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1985 Original vs. Modifications (1/4)
 9/25/19 3:21pm
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I just recently purchased a 1985 C4 corvette with 71, 015 miles, it came with exceptional documentation in a binder listing services records and repairs including dates, times, location, miles at time of service and cost of repairs.  I feel as thought it is my responsibility to continue to document all aspects of the cars repairs and services.  My situation, do I leave everything as original or do I make some modificaitons (paint calipers, add custom rims 18s, redo the interior, etc.).  I have been looking at some of the topics and the feedback and it appears that there are a lot of very knowledgeable people in this registry.  I am looking forward to the responses.  Beleive me I am torn between original vs. modifications....."HELP" oh...and it could use a paint job.

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Re: 1985 Original vs. Modifications (2/4)
 9/26/19 9:40am
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I mod mine because I want to, and there were a billion made...nothing special about it at all.

If any would be a GS, Z, etc....I'd look into keeping them stock.


On my 79 it was different.....I bought and installed what I called "service parts"....like better carbs, distributers, heads, etc.....they are so much better than the factory parts.


I did keep the original parts and stored them.

Re: 1985 Original vs. Modifications (3/4)
 9/26/19 10:51am
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It's what you want to do did you buy with I want to keep it original or just enjoy the cart and make changes to suit you. I purchased a 1988 in 2015 and just purchased a set of custom wheels I love them I do not care about resale value as an original I just want to enjoy the ride that a corvette gives you.  As for value these C4 are not going to increase a lot if at all they are great cars that can be obtained at good prices.  Do what makes you HAPPY!!!!  Take care

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Re: 1985 Original vs. Modifications (4/4)
 9/26/19 2:07pm
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I'm just planning on enjoying the car.....gonna have a lot of fun with it.  Thanks for the response.

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