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Topic: 2022 Calendar 1985 LT1, YES 1985 LT1.

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2022 Calendar 1985 LT1, YES 1985 LT1. (1/1)
 11/17/21 9:16pm
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Parma Hts, OH - USA

1985 Light Bronze Metallic, 700R4, 1992 LT1 engine, 170K+ miles.

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First, THANKS for picking my Light Bronze 1985 LT1 for the 2022 C4R calendar.

I can hear it now (and have heard it alot) "A 1985 is an L98, NOT an LT1." Well mine really is an 85 LT1. The original owner installed and modified the engine. He started in 1992 with what I was told, was a 92 LT1 crate engine purchased at Earnhardt Chevy in Newton, NC. There is not a VIN on the engine, telling me it is a crate engine. The mystery starts with the mix of parts, spline drive opti (92-93 only), red powder coated LT4 (?) intake with fuel cross over (94-97 style), fuel lines on the divers side, corvette front drive accessories (not compatable or interchangeable with camaro, firebird or impala), dual O2 sensors, and a ZR1 TPS sensor on the throtle body. Its evwn stranger, the car has been on a dyno after I got everything running as it should, the original owner never had it running "just right" and it is running 403whp/469wtq. The shop thinks its a 383 stroker, but still unusual numbers at the wheels for an LT1. We havent opened the engine to take measurements, but that may be in the near future.

  The car has 193000 miles, with almost 100000 on the engine now. Ive done many modifications myself since buying the car, but the interior is all original with the paint being about 80% original.

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