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Re: C4 stories from the road (13/23)
 7/23/13 8:40am
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, - Canada

1988 Convertable

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Adam. That's a great story.
I often wonder about all those coupon clippers. Maybe I need a new hobby .


Re: C4 stories from the road (14/23)
 8/11/13 1:55pm
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Sacramento, CA - USA

1995 Coupe, Automatic, Dark Red Metallic, 1G1YY22P6S5100376 1985 Coupe, Automatic, Gold Metallic, 1G1YY0783F5114974

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I had an amusing C4 story happen on Friday on the way home from work.  I was driving my 95 down one of the main roads in town.  Traffic was unusually light, so I was a little heavy on the pedal, just enjoying the ride.  I came to a light and a couple of guys in a Jetta pulled up next to me.  I hear the driver rev the engine.  The passenger yells out to me, "Are you ready to race?"  I looked over at him and couldn't help but laugh as I said, "Uh, no."  (I was a little surprised that he'd ask a 50 year old woman if she wanted to race, but whatever.)  At that point, he started making other comments about the car and about me that clearly implied that he had intentions other than, uh, racing, in mind.  I was quite happy when the light changed and I could take advantage of the Vette's low end torque.  I do like the attention the car gets, but that was a bit much! LOL.  Well, I did have a good laugh and funny story to share with my husband when I got home.

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1985 and 1995 coupes:
1985 and 1995 coupes
Re: C4 stories from the road (15/23)
 9/25/13 1:20pm
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Minneapolis, MN - USA

Purchased a 1986 Convert August 2013, Bright Red color with a black top, it'd already received a Tremec 5 speed upgrade along with a disc upgrade prior to purchase.

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Well if you want a story, I have one with some frustration and finally joy. 
I had a dealer friend buy my first Vette, a 86 Convertible 5 speed (replacement tranny) one day short of my 64th Birthday through a car auction (last month).  I'm in Mn. and the car was in N.M. so it was road trip time.  Had arranged with the seller to pick it up at their lot on Saturday evening so flew in with a check in hand.  Car was gone.  Turned out the auction had picked up the car and locked it up till Monday, so we were stuck there over the weekend.  Dealer loaned us a car (a 2012 Infinity something or other) till monday and we explored Albuqurque till monday.  Go to get the car Monday Morning, the auction won't accept the certified check made out to the selling dealer (even though their rep was with us), so off to the local branch of my bank to get cash.
Got the car and head out.  Can't find the gas gauge (no manual with the car) and hard to read the dash with sunlight coming in behind me, so found a gas station after about 10 miles.  Took 18 1/2 gallons to fill a 20 gallon tank.  Hit the road and kept it at the speed limit because the wife only had enough meds with her through Monday night.
Got almost to Wichita, low coolant light comes on.  Found some coolant and a motel for the night.  Next morning, radiator is full; no problems found.  Take off, about 10 miles out the light comes back on.  Going through a small town, downshifted and accelerated out of town - light goes off and stays off the rest of the trip.
Drove 1300+ miles, otherwise uneventful.  Got home and as I'd taken that week off on vacation I drove the car about 100 miles total.
Drove the car to work the next Monday to show it off.  Left to go home, about 8 blocks from work the clutch was gone.  Had it flatbedded 20 miles to my mechanic.  He replaced the clutch master and slave, had a bear of a time with bleeding it then called to say it wouldn't start (no starter).  I worked on that, bypassing switches etc and totally frustated after 2 weeks.  Turns out I'd bypassed the cruise control switch on the clutch pedal, not the starter engage switch so now it ran.
Now it running, but the clutch won't fully disengage - still has air in the line.  Looking on Youtube, saw a video where someone had gotten air out of a clutch line using the hose and a fitting from a one man bleeder kit.  Looked simple enough, $5 and some time was my cost so decided to try it.  Well low and behold, it worked.
It's now back on the road as of last night, so going to take it out this weekend after being laid up almost a month!
Was it worth it - it's a Vette so yes it was absolutely worth it.

This is my 2d long distance vehicle.  I'd bought a F150 4 years ago in L.A., Calif but I have to admit the drive back was a whole lot more fun in the Vette.  Driving home, while in Missouri, there was one guy that passed us 3 or 4 times.  He'd pass and had the biggest grin on his face, after a couple of miles, he'd slow down enough so we'd pass him and after another mile or two he'd pass again.  He was driving a little Toyota, so it probably made his day.

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Re: C4 stories from the road (16/23)
 9/25/13 11:43pm
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Rochester, NY - USA

1987 Coupe Red and red, Z52

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When I was trailering mine home I didn't bother covering it for the short trip. While driving the expressway an old VistaCruiser drove past. A car full of family with about six kids. I got fifteen thumbs up (1 from dad, 2 from mom and a dozen from the kiddies). Fun memory there.

Re: C4 stories from the road (17/23)
 10/1/13 6:06pm
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, - Sweden

Cabriolet 1994, Polo Green Metallic

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Iíve got a story from the heart rather than from the road:

+ 30 years ago my father and I visited an uncle. I was about 15 years old at that time. The son of the uncle had imported a shining black Corvette Coupe -73.

Itís combo of brutal yet harmonic design just emitted wibes of brutal raw power that hit me right in the face and stomach (at the same time). The sound of the V8 was like music. It was love at first sight and the dream to one day have one myself started to grow.

You all know what happens. Years pass by and we get stuck in the spinning wheel of studies, career, family, kids, house repairs, interest expenses, etc. Life gets other priorities and the dream faded a bit, but if it didnít fully disappear.

2013 has been a very difficult year for me. I got severely injured in a snow mobile accident and had to stay in bed for almost 3 months. Today Iím lucky to be alive. My 22 year old son had a workplace accident, hurt his foot and had a 2 months sick leave due to that. But worst of all, during my and my sonís rehabilitation my dear father passed away in leukemiaÖ

After all the bad things that have happen I decided to from now on follow the motto: ďYou only live onceĒ. Iíve fulfilled my dream and got a -94 Polo Green Corvette Convertible!

Itís too low, too narrow, hopelessly unpracticalÖbut absolutely wonderful!!
Re: C4 stories from the road (18/23)
 12/7/13 7:03pm
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Naples, FL - USA

1984 C4 Mild mods.85 fuelpump,Accel ignition, TCI, shiftkit, ramAir, Boshplat plugs, duels straight, VP 106 fuel mix, 1990 wheels,, Silver/Gray 1996 LT 4 Stock muffler eliminators Torch Red ZR1 Wheels

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Smile I had just gotten my 96 two years ago. My buddy had bought it over the internet,car came from Texas. He paid $14,000 plus $1,000 to ship it. When  it got to Ct. it had damage on the hood. You could ONLY see it if you looked a certain way. He was upset and used it maybe three or four times. Told himm if I sell mine I want it. Got $ 8,500 for my 84 called him he said come and take this junk. HOW much you want? You come now with $10,000 you can have it. DON'T close the door be right there. At a show nwxt week got 1st place girl came over asked to sit in it, I said yes called her husband over asked if I wanted to sell it. Told him guys in my club  just came from Carlisle and they were going for $18,000 t0 $20,000 said I'll give you $18,000 took his name. Next week at a  show in Ny parked next to a 65 G T O guy asked if mine was for sale . Told him same thing turned down $18,000 last week said I'll give you $20,000 got his name too. BUT I will not sell it and am glad to see the intest. Very happy with this car.  Hope you are happy with yours.Beer

Re: C4 stories from the road (19/23)
 3/31/14 8:20pm
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Roscoe, SD - USA

1995 Coupe (black)

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My story from the road is not about my C4 because I was on vacation with my wife in our 1990 Chevrolet Silverado Blazer. We were entering the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona and I had just given the park ranger my Golden Age pass to get in. She was a young twenty-something gal who handed back my pass and commented "Nice ride!" Totally caught me off guard as she was not only a young lady but recognized the age and condition of my vehicle. Not the reaction that I would normally expect. Yes, I get comments like that a lot from older guys but not from young ladies. I was impressed and it put a smile on my face and my wife's for the rest of the day.

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Re: C4 stories from the road (20/23)
 4/13/14 10:11pm
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In 1997 my brother and I were traveling to an NCRS Regional in Bend Oregon. He was in the lead with his 72 Coupe, and I in my 88 Convertible. We had FRS radios, and had constant communication. We were in Southern Oregon, on a two lane highway. There were numerous construction zones where one side of the highway was closed, and a flag-girl (they were always girls) would hold traffic until signaled all-clear from the other end.

One one occasion, we got the go-ahead from the flag girl and were underway. Steve came on the radio, and said "That was cool. As I passed the flag girl I heard her say into her radio "...Two guys in Corvettes. Yeah, they're kind of cute"".

When I passed the flag girl on the other end, I gave a quick toot on the horn and blew her a kiss. She blew one back... Yeah, she was kind of cute too.
Re: C4 stories from the road (21/23)
 5/16/14 10:20am
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Minneapolis, MN - USA

Purchased a 1986 Convert August 2013, Bright Red color with a black top, it'd already received a Tremec 5 speed upgrade along with a disc upgrade prior to purchase.

Joined: 8/16/2013
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More like a story from the garage.
We have a 6 yr old granddaughter.  At times if the daughter is going to be late from work, she'll ride the schoolbus to our place or the wife will pick her up at school.  One of us will then take her home once the daughter has gotten home.
Well if Grandpa (meaning me) is the driver, she'll see if I'll take her home in the Vette.  Especially if it's warm out and the top can be put down, she's in heaven.
The other day I wasn't home yet and the wife was going to take her home.  Amaya went out a few minutes before the wife and when the wife got to the garage, no Granddaughter.
After a minute or so, the wife found her sitting in the drivers seat of the Vette pretending to drive it.  When the wife opened the car door, Amaya asked the wife "Do you think Grandpa will still have the car (the Vette) when I'm old enough to drive?"
Nothing like getting them started young Wink
Re: C4 stories from the road (22/23)
 8/27/17 11:22pm
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Fremont, CA - USA

1995 Corvette Polo Green Metallic with Black/Tan interior 6 speed manual transmission

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When I first bought my '95 C4, I was getting on the freeway after work on a Saturday. The on ramp to the freeway is awesome, big sweeping curve with a slight bank to it that feeds into about a quarter mile straight away on to the freeway. Every time I used this on ramp I'd go a little faster, just testing out the car. On this day I really pressed it, when I hit the freeway I was in 6th gear doing about 120( I know, stupid...but really fun!). As I came on the freeway, I down shifted to 5th and started slowing down to the speed of traffic. That's when I saw the red flashing lights behind me. Slowing down, I pulled over. The officer came up to my window, asked for my license and registration. I was on my best behavior, yes sir, here you go sir. He went back to his car, then came back. He said "look, I own a Vette too, I understand. When I pull somebody in a Vette over, if there cool about it I'll let them off with a warning, if they're not I write them up." He handed me my license and registration and said "just slow it down okay" Yes sir!!
Re: C4 stories from the road (23/23)
 8/28/17 9:34am
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My two favourites..
1. At a car show, the Triumph Spitfire Club guys had a look all over my '87 and when I asked "what do you think?" all I got back was, "..its just a big lardy Spitfire!"  LOL
2. At a gas station, I got asked.. "..is it because its mid engined, its so loud?" I was speechless until I heard his passenger say "I just love those MR2's.."   ..wtf!!   Shocked

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