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Topic: Door Scratches

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Door Scratches (1/3)
 12/17/19 4:57pm
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Roscoe, SD - USA

1995 Coupe (black)

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The 1995 coupe I recently purchased has a few defects for me to work on. Installing a new emblem on the hood and the rear gas lid helped add a little sparkle to the car. The door handles have a few scratches which detract from its appearance, so I purchased some rubber sticky-backed door step tread from my local Mac's hardware store. I cut it down to 1.25 x 5.5 inches and stuck it on the door handle openings. It will prevent future scratches from happening too, I hope. This is the rubber tread. I had to go to a couple places to find it because most of the places had the tread that is more like black sandpaper and I didn't want that on my door handles. I saw the static cling ones in a couple of Vette parts & accessory catalogs, but was afraid it might come off too easily, so I opted for the sticky tread stuff. See attached picture.

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Re: Door Scratches (2/3)
 12/18/19 9:38am
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Atchafalaya Basin, LA - USA

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Re: Door Scratches (3/3)
 12/23/19 4:04pm
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Ephrata, PA - USA

1995 Std Coupe Dark Purple Metallic Auto Trans Z07 Suspension Just under 23K miles (7.7.13)

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Awesome.  Have seen some of the "cling" ones, but this, not only looks like it will last, it looks like it belongs there.


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