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Topic: Hardtop for C-4 Collectors Edition

in Forum: C4 General Discussion

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Hardtop for C-4 Collectors Edition (1/4)
 9/6/23 6:28pm
Nancy L
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Perrysburg, OH - USA

1996 Collectors Edition convertible, LT1, 300 hp, automatic, Sebring Silver exterior, Torch Red interior, with auxiliary hard top, less than 21K miles

Joined: 1/24/2012
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I have a hardtop for my 1996 Collectors Edition convertible.  Do I need special tools to install it?  Evidently I stow the soft top in the back underneath and the install the hardtop where the soft top was?  Is it difficult?

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Re: Hardtop for C-4 Collectors Edition (2/4)
 9/9/23 8:34pm
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West Burke, VT - USA

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The targa top on the coupes had 4 bolts to secure the top to the car and there was a special ratchet tool to loosen and tighten those bolts.

Not having owned a C4 convertible I can only guess that it should be fairly straight forward.  Yes, you do have to fold the soft top down before installing the hardtop.  And yes, here should be tools that came with the top for installing it.  Since it was a factory option there also should be directions in the owners manual on the steps to take to correctly fasten the hardtop to the car.


Jim Olson

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Re: Hardtop for C-4 Collectors Edition (3/4)
 9/16/23 6:24pm
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Middleville, MI - USA

Bought my Vette!👍😎

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Hi Nancy, and welcome!  You should have a ratchet tool in your center console.  Use the ratchet to loosen the the two rear sctew and take them out.  The two front you loosen but don't remove they stay in.  Should Yale you the max about ten minutes.  If issues, instructions are easily found on You Tube👍😎.  Enjoy your ride!

God bless,



Joseph Booher

Re: Hardtop for C-4 Collectors Edition (4/4)
 9/20/23 11:22pm
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Beacon, NY - USA

1994 convertible, arctic white, black top and interior. LT1 auto.

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As already noted, there should be a torx bit ratchet handle in the console, and the instructions are in the owner's manual.  There is additional hardware required, some torx screws and a couple of brackets.  Hopefully you have those.  I always found that I needed an assistant to lift the top on to the car.  Recommend putting some towels across the rear deck before landing the top to prevent possible scratching.


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