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looking for recomendations! (1/6)
 5/30/18 4:43pm
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Bartlesville, OK - USA

1996 Collectors Edition C 4

Joined: 3/5/2018
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What might be the best front end bra for a 96 Collectors Edition? Thank you all!  
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Re: looking for recomendations! (2/6)
 6/13/18 11:26am
Barn find
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Lakeville, MA - USA

1987 convertible

Joined: 4/19/2014
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no offence. the best bra is NO bra. don't hide it, show it off
Re: looking for recomendations! (3/6)
 6/26/18 8:45pm
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Houma, LA - USA

1996 collectors edition. lt1

Joined: 8/20/2017
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  Put a LeBra on mine to hide inperfections until I can afford to get it painted. Search amozon about 90 bucks.

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Re: looking for recomendations! (4/6)
 6/15/18 11:42am
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Atchafalaya Basin, LA - USA

Black 1979 L-82 Black 1996 LT1 Black 1999 Coupe

Joined: 3/20/2009
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Lots or people like using a bra during love bug season, some also like to use them on long highway cruises to prevent rock chips/sand blasting.
The best brand will depend on a persons personal preference.
Re: looking for recomendations! (5/6)
 6/27/18 12:11pm
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Scottsdale, AZ - USA

1988 Dark Red Metallic Convertible with sports seats, Delco/Bose radio system, Z52 suspension

Joined: 7/8/2014
Posts: 23

I had my '88 resprayed and then used a leather bra to help minimize dings on the front end.  The bra I used actually caused the paint on the hood to show signs of erosion due to the flutter of the bra at higher speeds.  On my '11, I elected to have the front end encased on a clear plastic covering that is not supposed to discolor and have been pretty happy with the results as no rock chips have been noted since this "bra" was installed by a body shop.  I should have had this done on the '88 as the bra had limitations due to staying in place during highway drives.

Re: looking for recomendations! (6/6)
 6/27/18 1:59pm
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Crystal Springs, MS - USA

1973 LS5 1981 Claret Red 1982 White 1985 Silver Metallic 1994 Torch Red Coupe LT1 1996 Dark Purple Metallic LT4 2001 Light Pewter 2003 Z06 2009 Atomic Orange

Joined: 7/29/2011
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I used a Colgan bra on the front of my '96 LT-4, it's about 5 years old and still in great shape.

1973 Mille Miglia Red LS5
1981 Dark Claret Metallic
1982 White
94 Torch Red LT1
96 Dark Purple Metallic LT4
02 Black Convertible
03 Millennium Yellow Z06
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