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Topic: Power Antenna Issue

in Forum: C4 General Discussion

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Power Antenna Issue (1/2)
 12/28/22 12:33pm
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Doylestown, PA - USA

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Antenna on my recently purchased '89 has stopped working, won't automatically go up and down when radio is turned off and on.  I can hear the antenna motor 'whrring' but no action.  New motor needed? Other solution?  Approximate repair cost ??  Thanks.  Teton24  Bucks County, PA

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Re: Power Antenna Issue (2/2)
 12/29/22 2:22am
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West Burke, VT - USA

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Guessing the nylon spline that raises and lowers the antenna has broken, or a gear inside the motor has gotten stripped.  A repair kit may be available from most of the parts outfits.  If a repair kit isn't found a new motor unit will be your only option.  Have done that repair on other cars but not on a Corvette.


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