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Topic: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/7/2023: Advice

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QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/7/2023: Advice (1/4)
 1/7/23 12:24pm
Adam Wartell
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Eagleville, PA - USA

1979 Corvette Red T-Top

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What advice would you give someone looking to purchase a C4?

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Re: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/7/2023: Advice (2/4)
 1/7/23 1:47pm
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Ocean Park, WA - USA

2001 Coupe, 1988 35th Anniversary Coupe currently used to own 1987 Coupe and 1998 Coupe

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Definitely treat the C4 as a hobby.  The owner is going to have to learn as much as possible about the car (I went to the college across the river and took auto shop classes).  The technology advanced quickly (and pretty quietly) DURING the "reign" of C4 and covered 2 distinct versions of On-Board-Diagnostics technology.  Thanks to YouTube there are plenty of folks who have shared what they know about that earlier era.  You're going to have to be curious!

Re: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/7/2023: Advice (3/4)
 1/7/23 5:58pm
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Twin Lakes, CO - USA

SOLD - 1990 ZR-1 (#682), Bright Red w/Red interior, 350ci/375hp, 6sp.

SOLD - 1970 Convertible, Monza Red, Black interior/top, 350ci/300hp, 4sp.

1978 Trans Am, 400ci/220hp, 4 spd, Black w/black interior, Hurst t-tops

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Don't buy a project - unless that is your thing.  Spend a little more money and get a good quality driver.  You'll be money ahead.


Jim Olson

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Re: QOD (Question of the Day) for 1/7/2023: Advice (4/4)
 1/7/23 7:54pm
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Equinunk, PA - USA

1993 LT1 convertible triple black 4L60 2003 Zo6 Electron/Black 6 sp

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My wife is not a fan of ours. No room to carry  "Stuff" on a trip. I like to Be Prepared, so I carry heavy metal. She likes to bring things that won't be used. Well, my stuff doesn't get used either, but it's there if the need arises. Also, if you are of any size other than an athlete,  ingress and egress is a little difficult. I enjoy mine. 

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