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The Callaway Sledgehammer... been 30 years. (1/2)
 10/20/18 1:17pm
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"Since the Germans nicknamed it “The Hammer”, Callaway wondered what it would be called if they built a really powerful one-off version. Maybe the Sledgehammer?
The strategy? Engineer a car with 1,500 HP capability and detune it to a “manageable” 900 HP. During a private test run, the Sledgehammer reached 254.76 mph.
Imagine covering the length of a football field every second with both the air conditioning and radio on. This accomplishment is a significantly important endorsement of Corvette’s platform engineering post-Duntov.”"
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Re: The Callaway Sledgehammer... been 30 years. (2/2)
 10/31/18 12:58pm
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Who said C 4s aren’t worth a damm. I saw that car sell at an auction it’s probably faster than most brand new muscle junk

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