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Topic: Windshield Reveal trim details: Part number or availability please...

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Windshield Reveal trim details: Part number or availability please... (1/1)
 3/12/20 12:16pm
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Atlanta, GA - USA

1996 LT4 Coupe, white 1973 Coupe 454, 4sp

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Hi all,

I'm doing a major weatherstrip replacement and restoration of all the metal strips that hold the rubber stripping to my 1996 LT4 coupe cabin. Part of restoration is stripping the satin black paint on 14 different pieces, including the black strip that borders the blue removable top. This isn’t a job for the impatient or sloppy. The materials used to seal the metal strips and rails are very tenacious requiring much carefully applied heat to convince them to let go. 

There’s one specific part though (well, three of them) that I want to replace but can’t seem to locate. It’s a thin vinyl strip that is placed between the three windshield metal reveal strips. The reveals have a right-angle bend where they overlap the forward portion of the glass. The vinyl strips are sandwiched between the reveal and glass and would seem to have the job of filling in the gap between the bent edge of the reveal and glass. Would help keep debris out of this area and prevent the metal reveal from possibly rubbing on the glass, causing a noise maybe. I considered just adding a butyl rubber bead in that gap to do the sealing job but would prefer to go with GM’s original design. What has anyone else done when replacing a windshield, for example? I’ve searched many forums before making this post without finding a suitable answer. 


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