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Topic: 95 base wheels vs ZR-1 wheels

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95 base wheels vs ZR-1 wheels (1/2)
 2/21/23 6:07pm
Mark Wentworth
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, AB - Canada

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My question is: will 11 inch rear wheels (ZR-1) fit my 95 base Convertible? I would love to put the 315/35ZR17 Michelins on my car but not sure they’ll fit. Was the ZR-1 set up wider to handle the wider rims and tires? 

thanks, Mark

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Re: 95 base wheels vs ZR-1 wheels (2/2)
 2/21/23 11:16pm
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Twin Lakes, CO - USA

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Short answer - yes, the rear bodywork on the ZR-1 was 3 inches wider than the regular C4.

There were two different sizes of wheels for the GS.  The convertible's wheels, front and rear, were a bit narrower than the coupe's.  That's why the coupe had the little added on wheelwell flares and the convertible did not.  This article points out a few things that were special about the Grand Sport.  #7 is on the wheels and tires.

A good friend has a regular '94 coupe and has the wider wheels on it.  He has chosen not to add the wheelwell flares and they definitely fill out the wheel wells. 


Jim Olson

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