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Topic: ABS Light just came on

in Forum: C4 Handling Components

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ABS Light just came on (1/2)
 2/7/18 9:20pm
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Valley Center, CA - USA

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Upon coming back from a three week vacation over the holidays, the battery was dead in our 89 C4. Once discovering it needed replacement (that's another story)and after installing the new battery upon first drive the Anti-lock light in the info center came on. Since then I noticed the usual growl you hear when backing out of the garage after initial start up is no longer audible and the slight pedal vibrate is also missing.  I will be checking for fuse issues, wiring and dirty wheel sensors first. Any suggestions if the module needs replacing? I made a quick search and have not yet seen a source for a replacement component.

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Re: ABS Light just came on (2/2)
 2/8/18 8:23am
Adams' Apple
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Duncanville, TX - USA

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Need to pull the ABS codes and see what might have set codes. Clearing the codes should get the ABS back in business, unless there is a hard failure that needs repair. Check codes first. Thumbs Up


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